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Welcome to Product Fabrik

Thanks for visiting! I am a freelance product manager/owner with years of experience across different industries, products and platforms. I am originally from Ireland but, after time in England, the Netherlands and Austria, am now based in wonderful Berlin, Germany.

I have a lot of diversity in my professional life and have worked across multiple domains, including e-commerce, programmatic advertising, real-estate, automotive, health-tech and more. I also have web, app, cloud and on-premise experience. After 10 years of industry experience, I realised that I have achieved a level of expertise in product management/ownership that would allow me to support others in achieving their product goals- so here I am: freelancing for product glory!

I sincerely look forward to working with you,

I can help you to...

My Experience

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E-commerce icon
Health-tech icon
Health tech
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Real estate
Leading a cross-functional team of developers, designers and growth experts to iteratively deliver features and improvements to a Mercedes-Benz aftersales iOS and Android app available in multiple countries and locales.
+ noticeable app store ratings increase
+ improved velocity and sprint goal achievement
+ introduced a collaborative, team vision statement
+ managed app roll out to new markets
+ introduced a scheduled release cycle

My Training

PSPO 1 certified (Product Owner Certification)

PMI-ACP certified (Agile Project Management)

User Experience certified

Risk management for medical devices certified

My Tooling Knowledge

JIRA, Confluence, Azure DevOps, Notion, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Countly, Shopify, Wix, Demandware, Crashlytics, Google suite, Microsoft apps, Axure, Sketch, Figma, Miro, Zeplin

My Soft Skills
Diamond symbol


Speaking the truth- diplomatically!

Jigsaw piece

Problem solving and optimisation

Analytical and lean thinking



Servant leadership &

bringing out the best in people


Focus & getting things done

High delivery rate and strong prioritisation skills


''Kathryn is an irreplaceable member of any agile project. Her ability to analyse and overcome even the most difficult project management challenges in the shortest amount of time is truly exceptional...Even very complex stakeholder management and non-agile product portfolio frameworks she managed to bring in line with agile project management in software development with her patience and experience...She is a super team player and understands how to skilfully use her role as project manager/product owner to motivate and move the team in the right direction. I can recommend Kathryn to any project or company that needs a skilled and highly engaged agile manager/product owner to ensure that the project is successful in the short as well as long term.''

- PMO,

Prioritise value in your product

I can help with OKR, KPI and value-driven roadmapping.

Outcome over output.

Ideate and create

I can help with design sprints, ideation workshops, functional specs, user stories and wireframes. 

Discover Agile

product development

I can help set up & run Agile ceremonies, I can choose and configure Agile tooling,

and I can promote Agile best-practices and mindset.

Make the best first impression


I can help with focusing on core customers and use-cases. Build the right MVP.

Know the problems, grab the opportunities

I can help with user research planning and with discovery & validation models.

Manage the project, manage the stakeholders

I can help with estimations and timelines, with feature request and bug triaging, with budgets and resourcing, with communication strategies, and I can help with release/go-to-market planning.

Bring out the best in junior product professionals

I can help to upskill and mentor junior product managers/owners.

Value prop

Interested in having a chat?

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